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cold calling - For many, many years salespeople have been taught they have to "close" the sale.

But "closing" sales no longer works. People can smell a closing technique miles away. They put up their guard and the sale can often be lost completely.

Time to change our thinking with today's online sales training.

Because "closing" just fails on so many levels, you're ready to think about "opening" the sale.

What do I mean?

As one of the best sales trainers, Ari Galper says... "If people don't buy how you sell, they don't buy what you sell."

People wish to be treated like a real person. They want to be respected. They actually don't want to be "closed" or "sold."

I suppose it comes down to the Golden Rule...

Treat your prospects only the way you would want to be treated yourself.

The Salesperson Stereotype

Imagine you'd a daughter...

If she went right into a car dealership looking for a new car (oh my God), wouldn't you fear for her life? Wouldn't you want to protect her from the vultures that seem to be the average car salesperson?

Now we all know not all car salesperson are similar to that... but what image one thinks of?

Ya, that pushy, selfish, do-anything-to-close-the-sale form of salesperson that nobody likes. You know what After all?

Even if it isn't true that's the image we all hold within our minds. That's the stereotype.

And that's why the mindset of "closing" doesn't work anymore.

We've all experienced that kind of salesperson and he's ruined it for those all of us.

How To Open The Sale

As we all want to be addressed with respect and honesty it's pretty clear the way we must treat our prospects.

Ya, with respect and honesty.

We should not assume anything. Our "solution" might be a good fit.. Or otherwise.

Our tone must be respectful and humble.

We should ask for permission all the way.

That's what Ari Galper strategies "How we sell."

cold calling
Our goal must not be to "close the sale" but to create trust. Our goal must be to create the kind of "openness" which get our prospect to inform us the truth about their situation.

When we can get to the truth we can both see whether our solution is a good fit... or not.

When not a good fit we have to be ready to walk away.